Ground rules for dating a married man

10-Jan-2018 06:35

Respect is the key to success in this phase of negotiation.Once the issue has been identified and you hear each others perspective, it is extremely important to avoid trying to straighten each other out. Youve identified the conflict from each others perspective.

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If you do stay involved, make sure that you aren’t making this relationship your top priority either.Once it starts being more trouble, it’s probably time to reevaluate what you’re getting out of this person’s presence in your life. That is often part of the appeal, but if you feel guilty, maybe that’s not a misplaced emotion. You have to be real with yourself about that; don’t pretend the wife doesn’t exist. The very minute you start getting all lovey-faced about this guy, and those stupid girl emotions start making visions of lazy mornings and family reunions dance in your head, you put the ultimatum to him: stay with his wife and you’re gone or leave her and make things legit with you. Remember that your goal is enthusiastic agreement, and there is no way you will be enthusiastic if you reject each others perspective. Now youre ready for the creative part looking for solutions that you think will make you both happy.