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11-Sep-2017 07:42

You might be wondering what Group Policy preferences are all about.Group Policy preferences differ from Group Policy settings in many ways.Applying configuration through preferences is easier than you think.For example, if you don’t want your computers to run a service such as FTP or the World Wide Web Publishing, you can configure a preference to disable and stop the service.

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Action modifiers let you perform other tasks as well, such as deleting all regular shares, all hidden non-administrative shares, all administrative drive letter shares or any combination thereof. In addition to those preferences you can manage using CRUD, there are also preferences you can manage through an interface similar to the actual Control Panel.If the local group exists, you can rename the group and update its settings with the settings you’ve defined for the preference item.This lets you add users and groups as members, while ensuring the current group membership isn’t modified.If you think of Group Policy settings as set of rules you apply to computers and users, you can think of Group Policy preferences as a set of guidelines you apply to users and computers.

In the first part of this article the author takes a look at some of the most common, yet not that obvious reason why Group Policy might not be applying in.… continue reading »

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