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10-Oct-2017 06:13

On the site, Bray says that the intruder accessed a folder on his Dropbox account that contained a video of “an intimate encounter between myself and another informed, consenting adult male.” While they were trespassing in Bray’s Dropbox account on 28 September, the marauder renamed a folder from “Private” to “Fag Teach Bray.” On that same Monday, the intruder texted the sex video URL to a student.

He or she apparently got the phone number from the Dropbox account, where Bray says he kept phone numbers of students he called regularly about school activities.

That included the login details for his Dropbox account.

Bray recently put up a site that explains the incident, which he calls a cyber hate crime.

I was just in shock that, oh, my God, this is something that will impact my career, impact my life, and what am I going to do?

Initially, he agreed with the move, given that he wasn’t emotionally ready to face his students: He says he has since come to the conclusion that he wasn’t given due process and that the school acted unfairly by refusing to provide him with severance pay and by suggesting to the school community that he was at fault for what happened despite his explanation that the video was posted to the school website by a malicious cyberintruder.As Bray points out on his site, Arkansas is one of only 5 US states that lack hate crime laws.The others are Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina, and Wyoming.At any rate, even if Arkansas had a hate crime law, it likely wouldn’t cover this crime, given that such laws tend to limit themselves to coverage of violent hate crimes.

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