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09-Nov-2017 13:35

I have known gay men who died of HIV, suicide, homicide and heart failure who had absolutely nothing to do with porn.

I also was a bit confused how heart failure kept being listed.

Saw muscle daddy Zac Spears in his driveway, watering, last week - lives behind Pavillions, in We Ho, on Keith Ave. Tom Chase turns up in some Colt stuff once in a while these days.

Zak Spears is supposed to be a personal trainer and he also turns up once in a while in vids.

The 2 I am eager to see pics of today are the glorious, sexy TONY MECELLI and MAX GRANDE.

Also: Tino Lopez Victor Rios Enrico Vega Jeremy Tucker Any updates or new pics of these men would make me ridiculously happy."Googling them will not produce that you complete idiot."Oh, dear!

As much as I love those ladies, most of the population would not be able to pick them out of a line-up, visual or audio.

These porn models were known by a subculture of a subculture (gay porn aficionados who actually bother to learn the made-up names of the interchangeable performers).

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There are reasons to dislike porn, if you want to make the case, but the fact that these guys dies of AIDS is not one of them.

My profuse apologies for not hunting down your masturbatory fantasies via private detective and immediately providing photographic evidence of their up to the minute appearances!

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