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Many were decorated with small angels, cherubs and other angelic type figures.This style of clocks is sometimes called a cherub clock.I have done some research online and have ordered a book on Jauch clocks and when I get it sorted out I will post more information.Jauch clocks are well known for thier deep resonant chimes and they did offer more musical selections than the standard Westminister, St. They also offered 2 different versions of Ava Maria and the national anthem of Columbia.The first name associated is a Erhard Jauch and started the company in 1930 and went out of business in 1983.The other name is Gebruder Jauch who started a Jauch clock company in 1912 and went out of business in 1978.Today collectors look for these highly decorative, hand-crafted clocks at estate sales and auctions, searching for examples of clocks from early French clockmakers including: By the end of the eighteenth century, the popularity of the mantle clock had spread quickly throughout Europe and was reaching the wealthier homes in the United States.In the early part of the nineteenth century, Connecticut clockmaker Eli Terry, along with Silas Hoadley and Seth Thomas, began mass producing clocks which made them more affordable to own.

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The most popular gilt metal of the time, ormolu, was made of ninety-three percent bronze and seven percent gold.By 1830 the idea of wooden clock movements was so popular there were hundreds of companies, in Connecticut alone, making clocks with wooden movements.Although some styles of American mantle clocks incorporated brass or iron in their design, the clocks were generally made of porcelain, oak or cherry wood.Made small enough to set on a fireplace mantle or shelf, these clocks are key wound and run from thirty hours to eight days, depending on the specific clock.

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Also known as shelf clocks, the clock's movement was made of brass or wood.Their most popular styles of mantle clocks included: Started in 1853, the Seth Thomas Clock Company manufactured many beautiful styles of mantle clocks.Yet many collectors feel it is their Adamantine mantle clocks, generally referred to as Black Mantle Clocks, that are their most memorable and highly desired mantle clocks.During its heyday the company provided clock movements for a number of clock manufacturers (Emperor, Gazo, Linden, etc...), much as Hermle does now.

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