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07-Mar-2017 00:16

I have animals (raccoons, bats, etc.) that have taken up residence on my property. The township does not have an animal control department. Applications are available at the Town Hall, or downloaded from this site. Ted Weinsheimer, Highway Supt., can be contacted at 330-733-3213 for information.

Installation of new driveways entering township maintained roadways require a Road Opening Permit (.00).

No, the Board of Trustees has adopted the policy of not enclosing roadside ditches due to storm water management. Who do I call to enroll my child in Springfield Schools?

We are part of the Summit County There is no cancellation fee applicable. The City of Akron, in return, receives income taxes from those businesses in the JEDD areas; employees working in those businesses pay a 2.50% income tax to the City of Akron. See your telephone directory Yellow Pages for listings of haulers under “Rubbish and Garbage Disposal.” What about yard wastes? Currently Earth NWood accepst tree trimmings and branches for free. What company provides cable service in the township?

I believe my neighbor is encroaching on my property.