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08-Aug-2017 09:29

It also means that if you click the label, the associated input tag receives the focus.

They also help with accessibility, as the text in the label will be read out to screen reader users: it can therefore be useful to indicate required fields by adding ‘required’ to the label text, as I’ve done above.

I’m also using the WAI ARIA attribute now, so if we leave ‘required’ in the label tag screen reader users will have ‘required’ read to them twice, which they could find rather annoying.

A word of warning though: not all browsers implement the attribute accessibly, so it might not be picked up correctly in certain browser / screen reader combinations.

Another option would be to continue to use solely Java Script for your client-side validation, and not add any of the new features discussed above.

A third approach is to use Java Script to detect whether the browser supports form validation, use it if it does, and fall back to Java Script-based validation if it doesn’t.

Take this simple booking form: attribute for the label tag matches up with the id attribute of the associated input tag.

This keeps our HTML semantic, with the labels helping to give meaning to the input controls.

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The bad news is that it is only partially supported in Safari, and isn't supported at all on i OS Safari, or the default Android browser.As such, current best practice recommends supplementing the required attribute with the aria-required=”true” attribute: Now that our users get prompted to complete required fields, we need to make sure that the data they submit is in the format we require.We'll want the 'Name' field to be submitted in the format 'Firstname Lastname', and to only contain letters and a space (NB in real world scenarios, you might need to take account of other locales – this example has been kept simple deliberately).If you need to support older versions of IE prior to IE10 you won't find any of those support form validation either.

By changing the input type to email while also using the required attribute, the browser can be used to validate in a limited fashion email addresses Email Address input type="email" name="email" required placeholder="Enter a valid email address". Note that for this example we've made use of another HTML5 attribute.… continue reading »

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Mar 18, 2018. You can use javascript test method to validate name field. The test method tests. input id="username" name="name" type="text" pattern="a-zA-Z{5,}" title="Minimum 5 letters" required /. Reference HTML5. Proper disclosure I'm on the CoCycles open source code search team. We aim to do good.… continue reading »

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Username with 2-20 chars. ^a-zA-Za-zA-Z0-9-_\.{1,20}$. Format string+stringnumber. by Aurelian Hermand. Twitter Username. ^A-Za-z0-9_{1,15}$. New Twitter usernames have a character maximum of 15. by Kevin Jones. Twitter Username. ^A-Za-z0-9_{1,32}$. Backwards compatible Twitter username. by Kevin.… continue reading »

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Download Code. To check, whether the user entered correct form of data, it's must to apply form validation in any of the form. Here I am giving you the form validation. DOCTYPE html html head titleForm ValidationDemo Preview/title meta content="noindex, nofollow" name="robots" link href="formvalid.css".… continue reading »

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Dec 17, 2013. A few months ago Sandeep introduced us to the HTML Constraint API, showing how we can use the new HTML5 input types and attributes to validate our. form action="" method="post" fieldset legendBooking Details/legend div label for="name"Name required/label input type="text".… continue reading »

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