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But defending the change, a spokesman for the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority said: "It's not a question of one way is wrong and one is right, more a question of which is most commonly used."CE/BCE is becoming an industry standard among instantly make them comfortable and interested in you...and even get them thinking about wanting to go out with you!Consider the official Great Seal of the Unites States of America - probably the world's most familiar banknote.On the US Great Seal, beneath the ancient Pyramid, is the Latin inscription: "Novus Ordo Seclorum".and as such it can no longer be regarded simply as a theory.

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"The whole of the Western calendar has been based on BC and AD.To change that for no good reason is to do a disservice to our youngsters." Colin Hart, from the Christian Institute, said: "This is ridiculous.Between three and four per cent of people in Britain are of a non-Christian faith.This is about white liberals imposing political correctness in schools to ensure children are cut off from the past, for fear of upsetting someone.

"Of course, it is perfectly acceptable to offend the vast majority." Panels comprising teachers, councillors and religious representatives advise councils in England and Wales on religious education syllabuses.

Judicial activists have ordered our students not to invoke the Almighty's name in prayer on school property.