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They met on an internet forum and started chatting regularly online.But it was months before Sam, a Brisbane Ph D student, realised Sydney teacher Cam was actually a woman.But that doesn't mean they are against the idea - they say it is just foreign to them.They both also say courtship has changed a lot since their parents' generation."It's scary to us because we're not familiar with using [the internet]," Mr Watson said."But that's not to say it's not a good thing."And no doubt, in another 20 or 30 years, things will change again and the young people of today will be saying 'oh boy, fancy having that?From Facebook events to Twitter meet-ups, social media is now considered a viable way of meeting new people, enabling millions to connect across the globe.A separate Nielsen study found that in April 2010 Australians spent over seven hours per day on social networking sites - the most in the world - while 63 per cent had a Facebook profile.Dannie Edmonds, from Canberra, who hit the online dating scene two years ago after going through a divorce, has a soft spot for nerds and says it is easier to find them on certain websites."I like Ok Cupid and that's chock-a-block with nerdy boys, which is kind of cool 'cos you get the quirk factor - but not nearly as many people," she said."But definitely targeting the nerdy end of the scene, which is cool if you want that."The internet has allowed every niche group, not just nerds, to interact.The web has also been credited with breaking down many barriers for the gay community."I believe it's been incredibly beneficial because the hardest thing for the gay community in the past is that we've really been cut off from other sectors in the community, not knowing that they exist," dating expert and author Ben Angel said."Social media, and especially online dating, has allowed individuals who've typically been too afraid to go out to a gay bar for example, to actually connect with other people online and slowly take those steps out - instead of being thrown into it."Online daters often fret over how to make their profiles stand out in a sea of millions of lonely hearts: is my profile photo attractive or interesting enough?

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“The period between New Year's Day and Valentine's Day is our busiest six weeks of the year,” explains Sam Yagan, the boss of Ok Cupid, a big American dating site.Other Internet providers, such as most dial-up providers, can only offer speeds measured in kilobits per second, or kbps. how much time you spend on the Internet and what you do, you should choose a plan with enough megs to satisfy your Internet needs. Most DSL, cable, and Fiber Optic providers offer plans with virtually unlimited bytes.For an idea of how these Internet speeds translate into your usage, here are some examples of Internet tasks and the speed they require. It is used to measure the size of a file, such as a video or photo, on your electronic device. Satellite Internet connections and hot spots have data caps in their plans that limit Internet usage.That was six years ago and the pair are now engaged.

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So will the whole world meet their love match online eventually? She says some people will never be convinced to give it a try."Some people distrust it, some people don't know how to use a computer and some people couldn't think of anything worse than finding someone online," she said."There'll always be an element that won't use it.But despite the dangers, some swear by the potential for genuine intimacy from chatting online.One such couple is Sam Clifford and Cam Percy, who say they share a love of "internet nerdery".Once you get to that point, it's back to basics I think," says Brisbane engineer Brad Thompson, who met his wife Deborah, a landscape architect, online four years ago.