Intimidating rage dd feat

08-Oct-2017 13:09

There are stories of places where people see half-orc children as a blessing and seek out half-orc or orc lovers.

Apprenticeship to a shaman is a brutal and often short-lived distinction, however, and those half-orcs who survive it either become influential in the tribe or are eventually driven to leave.Even on the best of terms, half-orcs in civilized societies are not exactly accepted, and tend to be valued only for their physical abilities.On the other hand, orc leaders have been known to deliberately spawn half-orcs, as the half breeds make up for their lack of physical strength with increased cunning and aggression, making them natural leaders and strategic advisors.In these cultures, half-orcs often lead furtive lives, hiding their nature whenever possible.

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The dark underworld of society is often the most welcoming place, and many half-orcs wind up serving as enforcers for thieves guilds or other types of organized crime.

Within orc tribes, half-orcs find themselves constantly striving to prove their worth in battle and with feats of strength.

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