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Brizzi Correction to: Chronomedicine and type 2 diabetes: shining some light on melatonin Andrew C.

Basic and clinical research priorities, including the use of new 'omics' technologies, are discussed, as well as current and future uses of precision medicine approaches within the field. Shaw, Bendix Carstensen There has been a progressive increase in the prevalence of early-onset type 2 diabetes mellitus, with some evidence suggesting that it may be a more aggressive form of diabetes. The authors found sustained improvements of multiple islet cell defects for up to 2 years in those with diabetes prior to surgery, including increased acute insulin response to intravenous glucose. Rebholz, Bing Yu, Zihe Zheng, Patrick Chang, Adrienne Tin, Anna Köttgen, Lynne E. Shaw, Bendix Carstensen Clinically meaningful and lasting Hb A improvement rarely occurs after 5 years of type 1 diabetes: an argument for early, targeted and aggressive intervention following diagnosis Krishnarajah Nirantharakumar, Nuredin Mohammed, Konstantinos A. Neil Thomas, Parth Narendran Impact of type 1 diabetes on maternal long-term risk of hospitalisation and mortality: a nationwide combined clinical and register-based cohort study (The EPICOM study) Sine Knorr, Svend Juul, Birgitte Bytoft, Zuzana Lohse, Tine D. Jensen, Peter Damm, Henning Beck-Nielsen, Elisabeth R.

They go on to review reports of individual candidate biomarkers and panels of candidate biomarkers, and discuss the contribution of 'omic' discovery approaches to date.

Finally, the authors consider some of the limitations of the currently adopted approaches and make recommendations on how the field might progress in the future.

The authors suggest that this may be due to higher levels of risk factors in those with younger onset diabetes. [Text supplied by the authors.] Download a pdf Back to top Biomarkers of cardiovascular disease: contributions to risk prediction in individuals with diabetes Katherine N. Wang Biomarkers of diabetic kidney disease Helen M. Loredana Marcovecchio Diabetes in pregnancy: a new decade of challenges ahead Ute Schaefer-Graf, Angela Napoli, Christopher J. Hattersley, Sian Ellard, Elisa De Franco Long-term BMI and growth profiles in offspring of women with gestational diabetes Nurah M.

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Aggressive management of risk factors in those with early-onset type 2 diabetes, and stronger measures to delay the onset of type 2 diabetes, may be warranted. Wahed, Chiara Dalla Man, Francesca Piccinini, Claudio Cobelli, Ronald L. Nolan Pharmacogenomics in diabetes: outcomes of thiamine therapy in TRMA syndrome Abdelhadi M.

Their role in the pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes has been suspected but not confirmed, although in recent years the link has been supported by accumulating scientific evidence. Wahed, Chiara Dalla Man, Francesca Piccinini, Claudio Cobelli, Ronald L.