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When, in 375, the Huns invaded Russia, the Goths demanded and obtained permission to settle within the borders of the Roman Empire.This westward movement was the beginning of the great migration of peoples.As in Charlemagne’s chapel, the highest part is the square central section, from which four branches extend, forming a Greek cross; in the corners of the cross are four lower chapels, and at the ends are apses shaped somewhat like horseshoes.

The influence was short-lived, however, ending when the Muslims conquered almost the whole of Spain in 711.This desire for loftiness is neither Classical nor Byzantine but Germanic, and it continued into the Romanesque and Gothic styles.Central architecture also found favour elsewhere; Bishop Theodulf of Orléans, for example, built a chapel in the vicinity of the abbey of Fleury (afterward Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire), a chapel that, unfortunately, has been greatly altered by 19th-century restoration.200, had crossed from Sweden to the region around the mouth of the Vistula River, thence eventually reaching southern Russia.