Love and dating friendship

12-Apr-2017 21:26

Why should it be unacceptable for our generation if we're in love? Sometimes the older person "knows all about" what the younger person feels.Sometimes the older person has much higher expectations for commitment. In any case, they're really not coming together as equal partners.When one is graduating from high school, the other is working nine to five. It's not impossible to overcome them, but it's quite difficult.That's why most adults discourage dating people a lot older or younger than you.Try to see whether you can understand and answer their concerns.If you believe your parents are rejecting your girlfriend based on stereotypes about interracial relationships, respectfully tell them so. It's ugly and hateful to God, and I'm so sorry you've experienced it.

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But ever since I lost my virginity, I've feared falling again.Perhaps your parents are afraid that a girl from a very different background than yours won't make a good marriage partner.It's true that interracial relationships face special difficulties because of the partners' different cultures and the attitudes of people around them.If they see a level-headed, thoughtful response from you and your girlfriend, they may reconsider.

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Again, if your parents are simply giving advice, you don't have to agree with them or take the advice, but you do need to listen respectfully.

My parents say I'm just dating her because I'm curious about her, and that she's with me so she can brag about it.