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Votaw took on some controversy and even an LPGA board review of the relationship (it saw no conflict) when he began dating Gustafson in 2002 after his first marriage ended in divorce.He retired as LPGA commissioner in 2005, and they married in June 2006. She broke down and admitted to nerves on the first tee. But it was great to see that emotion because with us she's intimidating and doesn't talk. If I had to have someone make a pressure putt for me to win a tournament, I'd pick Nancy.\n\n Who maximized the least talent? I think Karrie Webb has the best swing since Mickey Wright. But Nancy Lopez used to get furious, and people loved it. Arnold and Nancy would have played better longer and Jack would still be winning on the Champions Tour if they'd spent more time tinkering with their swings. I am in shock that Nancy and other players don't see it that way. What's the worst sexual discrimination you've faced? I try not to take it personally, but I'm very emotional and it breaks my heart. See what I can do and see what I have done." Time to play a few holes on your course now? We were clapping as we watched her play, saying, "She's changing. No, Beth Daniel -- Beth has stood the test of time. Why hasn't she been right there with Annika, as she used to be? Have you gotten fair credit from the LPGA for your game and your marketing efforts? I wish I had done nothing but practice and work out. When Beth Daniel was playing great I loved to watch her get fined for hitting her club into the dirt and leaving it there. Then, on a rainy day in Japan, I had a horrible temper going and slammed the club into the mud three times before it stuck. I'm so competitive that if I play badly I'm going to look miserable out there. Phil and Davis [Love III] and Annika tinker and they're getting better. He's trying to get the club in front of him, but I think he does it the wrong way. Augusta National changed their racial clause but not their gender clause. You and every other man who has played my new course in Florida, Walkabout Golf and Country Club, love it. We met at the course she designed in Mims, Florida, as she planned to take on the men of the Champions Tour at the Turtle Bay Championship. Our tour is predominantly international and the majority of them are Asian. Sixty percent of the tour should be American, 40 percent international. No one knows what was said, but they were a lot friendlier the next week. I used to get teased by the girls that I didn't need a woman problem because I always had a man problem. You would have liked what I had on underneath the balls. I had on a little bikini bottom and two round pieces of cardboard discreetly covering my nipples. Ask Ben Wright about sexiness getting in the way of good golf. Australian Jan Stephenson has gotten her share of good and bad bounces. \n In 1986 you posed for a famous photo -- you and a bunch of golf balls sharing a bath. \n\n Ben got in trouble for saying women couldn't swing well because they have breasts. Were you disappointed when your fellow LPGA Tour pro Jill Mc Gill refused to pose for Playboy? I said to her, "Jill, they're offering you more than half a million dollars.

Stephenson, who won 16 LPGA events including three majors and more than million on tour, is still best known for her sex-kitten pose in a bathtub full of balls. The commissioner should be a marketing person, not an attorney. I was talking to a multiple-major-winning PGA Tour pro who said, "Men are men. If you want them to watch women, the women will have to play great and look great." If David Duval -- someone with no personality, not good looking, not a powerful athlete -- was the best player on the PGA Tour, it would hurt the tour.Years ago, if someone had done that I would have said, "Hey, Nancy, get your ass out of there, it's my honor." That moment with Annika made me question if I still had what it takes to win. Her locker is always next to mine, and I don't know her.I've left notes of congratulations on her locker because I'm scared to bother her. She's taken practice and work ethic to a new level.In 1990, you were leaving a Miami Heat game when a mugger grabbed your purse and tried to yank your wedding ring from your finger. It started as physical damage, but I developed faults that were psychologically based.

He twisted and broke your finger and threw you to the ground. I had to change from a left-sided swing to a right-sided one because of the damage to my left hand. My promoting of the tour in the '70s hurt my win total, but the mugging hurt my body, my game and my psyche.

Annika was in the group, and she teed up ahead of me.

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