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Just imagine all the kids who have no idea what's happening to them. A: If we use terms that are frequently used to describe outer space, I would say that before coming out I was like a black hole. Some people who you would have thought would've supported me based on their views haven't, and some nationalists, who based on theirs you wouldn't have expected to, have. A: I explained to my wife when we started dating that I wasn't the gender I appeared to be. We talked about it for a long time, and it wasn't an easy decision for her.

I never once met a homosexual in my childhood and only learned what a homosexual was when I was 14. That's why I think the law against " homosexual propaganda" is a law against children and one that targets certain social groups. Now, though, I am expanding and becoming happier and happier. I explained that I like men, but I am a bisexual woman.

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I write this tribute to our "Sir Brucie"...

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I don't think of myself as transgender though — I just think of myself as a woman. By then, I had long known that I was a woman and I had been wearing women's clothes for years. In Russia, same-sex marriage is illegal, but in practice we have a same-sex marriage. Really, I am more of the wife and she is more of the husband in terms of gender roles. The Moscow Times sat down with Bast to discuss all the recent activity in her life. Bravery and freedom are one and the same in my case.