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21-Nov-2017 13:28

The age difference between husband and wife can be 3 – 5 years depending on tradition.Turkish wedding traditions can have guidelines depending upon widows or widowers, the care of a deceased family member’s family by remarriage, and there have been instances in the past of siblings marrying one another, but this no longer happens in today’s society.Russian Women, Matchmaking Services, Personals, Adult Dating.

The culture makes a large difference in the type of marriage ceremony and how the bride is courted.Men choose to wear tuxedoes and suits while women prefer white bridal dresses rather than the traditional Islamic Somali dresses.Did you know that the wedding in Turkish Muslims is solemnize by civil authorities rather than imams or other religious leaders and often times that the passages in Qur’an are not mentioned or read during the wedding ceremony?But in Turkey, there are still some occasions that the man and woman has the chance to meet each other which usually takes place at work or school.

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Did you know that Turkish men and women have accepted the Western styles of dresses during the wedding ceremony?

Turkey as a country is secular with every person having the freedom of religion due to no official religion being chosen, but 99% of people in Turkey are Muslim.