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15-Jun-2017 23:34

In MVC 3, we have a single flag to turn on unobtrusive Java Script mode, which enables both unobtrusive Ajax and unobtrusive client validation.

Unobtrusive Java Script mode is turned off by default for backward compatibility with projects upgraded from MVC 1.0 and MVC 2.

We’ve also attached some HTML attributes to the validation message spans so that they can be related to the input field they’re attached to.

Since the HTML attributes are all directly attached to the HTML elements they affect, we were also able to get rid of several cases of auto-generated IDs that were no longer necessary.

Brad Wilson posted a nice article about enabling unobtrusive validation:

It’s likely that sooner or later you find yourself having a custom validation rule that is not available in the previously mentioned framework.

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NET Framework’s attributes represent, for example email validation for which the support is implemented below.To turn unobtrusive Java Script mode on/off and enable/disable client validation by default for the entire application, you can use Web.config: Using code to turn these features on or off actually behaves contextually.If those lines of code are present in your file, then it turns unobtrusive Java Script and client validation on or off for the whole application. NET MVC 2, we shipped both client- and server-side validation support.