My boyfriend has a profile on a dating site speed dating savannah ga

25-Sep-2017 09:09

I say try to patch things up with the guy, have mercy...You can never get everything from just one person, that's why people even in very tight romantic relationships still need friends; that is I guess unless things are already over, I would suggest trying to talk it out with him.Some computers have automatic logons installed on them, and some people just don't bother to log out at all.Thanx for the heads up Belle, and I am deeply sorry for your pain.There is no way in telling from the cookies, i just looked at mine and its brings up pages i've never even looked at in POF..She would have to know his password to be able to see his sent messages, and POF doesn't remember passwords it will remember the username but no passwords, i just don't get it..

If your boyfriend has been contacting women then you should have kicked his ass out.

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Yesterday I found out about this site because it was in the history on my boyfriends computer.

and just because someone is on this site doesn't neccessarily mean they are looking for someone. Take it as a lesson learned, I'm sorry that you had to find out the way you did, but plastering his name up on the forums isn't making you reach a higher level now is it?

I know you are hurt but there are other ways to deal than this, hon, i am truly sorry. I think people deserve to be warned about people like this.kudos I love this whole I caught you doing something naughty with the (insert technological device) issue...This issue comes up in the vise versa with men catching women too you know...When he came in yesterday all smiles, I let him know how I found out about this site and all the women he contacted (I contacted them to warn them).