My husband is visiting dating sites

14-Feb-2018 03:04

It sounds as though you would like to try and work through this.Depending on your partners reasons for turning to these sites it might be possible to do that but in most cases it does take time for trust to be re-established.This isn't the first time you have caught him so I'm guessing he already knows your feelings on this one.Have you been able to talk with him about the sites yet?So I don't know if the website is just a bit of fun for him while he's at work (he works 12 hour days) or he's seriously contemplating one meeting up with one of these women. He even swapped phone numbers with a few of them, this is how I found out as I checked his phone bill and I phoned one of the numbers. But the emotional affair is almost worse than if hed been drunk and had a one night stand because it was for days, it was organised and thought about by joining the site.

xxx He did have a picture on it until I took it down and changed the password.I feel he's being influenced by his work colleagues.They all look at women like they're meat and treat them like a piece of it too xxx you do need to confront your husband, i hate to say it but some men can end up treating their wives better when they are actually cheating but some people see what he is already doing as cheating, i know i do. If you are cruising the net in an innocent manner, then you wont get those things. I get all kinds of strange spam from f*#kbook, singles, viagra, penis enlargement.... Anyway, I'm all over the internet and have never trolled dating or hook up sites, but still get tons of this stuff.

I looked on my husband's e-mail the other day to check to see when an Amazon order I made through his account was being dispatched.I thought about doing that but to be honest, there are so many sites and so many people on them, who has that kind of time? We have sex daily (and not just vanilla sex, either), I keep myself in great shape and am enthusiastic. But now that you say you get them and never go to those types of sites I don't know what to think! That e-mail account gets loads of dating site spam. One of those accounts was mainly used as a way to snoop on the estranged husband's dating site profiles. And that account was used to enroll in several of the dating sites as part of that. I have about 110 Favorites, and I belong to all the major things.. I belong to review websites like Yelp and a bunch of boards as well. (if their are other things amiss, then share them, if this is the only thing that doesn't feel right, I would ignore it) I have never ever been on a dating site, and I get stuff in my spam and junk for dating sites, penis enlargement, shoot I get stuff for rogaine, and I am a girl. My husband got upset at that spam before, when he was gone the last time, i had looked at his email..mail there was an email or two from a dating site, SEE HONEY!!!! Also, you usually have to become a member to view profiles and that's not something I really want to do. The other e-mail account used for my daily life gets hardly any of that spam. That e-mail account gets loads of dating site spam. I even visit off the wall sites too like and such.. If he has 500 spam in his mailbox, I would say half or more are from dating sites. I have known that in the past (during his bad behavior times, he has cruised Adult Friend Finder type of sites). My Dear Hubby can see my screen, and he knows that I do not go on even ONE dating site. It's enough to make you both be impressed with antivirus software vendors and want to light your laptop on fire and go offline. Only with an effective spam filter or any action by service providers will it reduce but even then its a constant never ending battle.

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