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Dragon ball z does this twicethough both times the aftermath is shown rather than the circumstances of their falling in love.

He grasped the front of batman’s cape and pulled batman’s mouth to his in a kiss determined to eliminate that crease of worry and maybe at least smooth the others. She must have bumped it this morning getting out of bed, because it was pointing at a brick wall.

At one point Dick stood up a bit only for Barbara to pull him back down, laughing. A sixteen year old was dating an eighteen year old. No dates, even group ones.""But—" the teen tried to object weakly only to be ignored."You're to be home by seven unless it's school related or you're with an adult I approve of.""That's not—""You fail to follow these rules and you can kiss that car you want goodbye." That shut the kid up in a jiffy.

As much as he liked Barbara, Dick was too young to date. There was no way the kid who covered the T-rex in red paint last Halloween was ready to go off on his own by then. " Damian's voice brought him back to present, forcing him to push his thoughts back for a moment. Just one second." He looked this time to find the boy's water bottle, mentally distracted. You're too young and that's final." Dick bit his lip, knowing there was no arguing with this man. More than likely he'd be landed with a bunch of new rules because of his ultimatum. Once the school year was out they were going to get his driver's license, and his first car. I thought he took it rather well.""Only because he agreed with you! Not dating, not going to prom, it's not the end of the world.

He was a rather well behaved person, for a hyperactive prankster. ""Barbara."'' Dick's eyes widened for a moment before he managed to convince himself it wasn't anything to worry about. Seeing his reaction lessened some tension in the man's face."So you two haven't—""Why would we?! The acrobat just shook his head in disbelief."I didn't because I knew how you'd react. "I'm sixteen.""Too young," the man insisted, his eyes narrowing slightly. He never was one to show his true feelings, unlike the boy before him."Look, Dick," the man tried in an attempt to cheer him up, "it's not as bad as it seems. The teen was thoroughly miserable by the ultimatum and there was nothing he could do to stop it."Your dad's a real piece of work you know."Dick jerked his head over to Babs in the hallway.

He wasn't responsible enough, wasn't ready for a relationship of this magnitude. He had to think of something before he started taking SATs, some kind of plan to keep his boy safe. He had to come up with something, fast."Dick, we need to talk."The teenager looked up from his textbook (studying for finals), raising an eyebrow. Was Bruce really going to forbid him from being with the girl he liked? It was a promise Bruce made to him the previous year, when he first asked him to teach him how to drive. He practically leapt at the chance to join your self-righteous crusade to make our lives miserable! I'm just making sure you don't make a horrible mistake. I'm trying to protect you.""Quit protecting me so much!

Not until he was at least half way through college. If he was going behind his back to date Barbara now, what would he be doing once he was in the dorms? Bruce didn't look pleased, but he wasn't super angry either. " Bruce slid into to a nearby chair, getting on eye level with the teen."Yeah, I was there for her birthday. ""And you're sixteen." The man took a deep breath before continuing. ""Mostly." The CEO came back to his feet, looking over his son shrewdly. Dick had been looking forward to it getting that car all term, working hard to earn it with his grades and passing driver's ed. ""Yes sir." His low, deflated tone only matched his heartbroken pout. ""I'm not trying to—""Well you're doing a good job of it anyway! " Hearing his full name made the teen pause for a moment.

Disclaimer: We don't own Batman and Wonder Woman and aren't making any money from this story. Two badly executed convenience store jobs, with perps who had literally soiled themselves when he had come onto the scene.

Thanks to Artemis for the beta No Dating for the Batmanby Athena Phoenix Part One: The Invitation The sun was barely rising over the tops of the trees when Batman entered the Batcave. He had been so piqued that he had actually berated one of them for it. "Here you go.""Dank you." Bruce had to smile at that. 'Please' still escaped him and 'sorry' was just a word, but it was a start. They were talking to some other person in the group (Bruce had to brush up on the names and faces of people in Dick's class), laughing at some joke or another. Rubbing his forehead he accepted the information at last. What can happen if the two of you get caught in the heat of the moment and go too far? ""Dick, you can hardly control your hormones right now. " It was a valid point, one that made the man act earlier. But the boy wouldn't let up."Think about it for a moment! You're hardly the person I'd go to for relationship advice! As the toddler ate his snack to hold him off until they returned to the office for lunch, he focused again on the courtyard. Right below a large tree was Dick and his group of friends. Having skipped a year before entering the school system, he didn't really have anyone in his age to talk to during classes. The two of them were pretty close together, about as close as another couple at the table, the two who had their arms around each other. The man took up a set of binoculars and focused on the two of them, joking and laughing. Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon were dating, behind his back. "I had to tell Jim to make sure you two didn't make a mistake you would regret later and would hate each other for.""This from a guy who really can't keep it in his pants! Just how many relationships have have a steady girlfriend? "And dating in this day and age implies—""We are not sleeping together! He kept the man's gaze as he told him this a second time. Even if the rest was something that made him uncomfortable talking to him. "I don't know how he found out, but your dad, Bruce Wayne, he told my dad about our relationship. There had to be a way around this."My dad's one of the chaperones."Dick threw his head back in frustration. Prom was a big deal to them and all their plans were thrown into the abyss because of one snoopy man who wouldn't let his oldest date.