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The better you’re able to identify and accept your emotions and those of others, the better you will able to react to them.In invalidate you see the word valid which means true or correct.

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(For children this is particularly confusing.) It can also send the signal that your emotions don’t matter, or that no one cares about what you’re feeling.Possible explanations (other than psychopathy) are: a low capacity for empathy and compassion, not understanding or valuing the importance of validation, and/or not knowing how to express it effectively. The well-intentioned invalidators often defend that the goal is to help someone feel better or differently — to an emotion they judge as a more accurate, more valid one.If you’re the recipient of invalidating messages, know this: YOU’RE NOT CRAZY! Learning to validate your own emotions and those of others leads to much healthier and closer relationships with friends, family, and yourself.