Online dating for cyclists

06-Mar-2017 16:08

By the time I arrive at work I always feel refreshed, energized, though by the next morning I will have forgotten that feeling and once again it will require a concerted effort to remind myself.

There’s a lesson in that, I’m sure — in both the forgetting and the remembering — though I suppose there’s a lesson in everything if what you’re looking for are lessons. The first woman I met online, her old apartment is on my route to work, and I sometimes think of her when I bike past.

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Usually by January I’ve traded in my bike for public transportation and taxis, but I always feel biking’s absence from my life. In winter it’s too easy to spend your days shuffling tiredly between dark and dark.Usually we knew each other a while first, so when we decided to be together we were just : an all-or-nothing proposition.In between these relationships I tended to feel unmoored, and vaguely nervous I’d never meet anyone else, though on some level I must have recognized that this fear, like so many other fears, was absurd.I remember the perpetually damp swimsuit that hung on the back of her bathroom door, and the “Modern Love” column pinned to her refrigerator.

I remember that she saw an analyst — that was the word she used, the first time I’d heard it outside of Woody Allen movies — and they sometimes spent an entire session decoding her dreams, which sounded to me like a delightful indulgence.Once I hit the traffic of Center City my adrenaline starts to flow, too.For the last couple miles, once I’ve cleared the convention center and Reading Terminal Market, the road widens and traffic thins and I can build up speed, pumping my legs, pushing myself.In my 20s I drove a car and had a problem with serial monogamy, and in my 30s I’ve ridden a bike and gone on dates. Gloves that fail to break the wind, that leave you wondering if you’ll ever feel your fingertips again.