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But by the time you get to your early thirties, 32 percent have disappeared.

I do think you get to a point where you feel like as a woman you’re expected to make a choice between one thing or the other.

I think that’s one thing that’s come out of this that I’m excited about.

For a number of years we’ve been a majority women-staffed firm, which is fairly unique for a firm of our size.

Bill and I both had stepped into roles of more…I was maintaining the face of the office and that brand management, and Bill was stepping into more of a role of editor.

This ownership transition is allowing people already here to more freely communicate within the studio.

Meanwhile, WPA has another significant local project about to open: an expansion of the Jupiter Hotel on East Burnside, with a distinctive form and bold use of materials.

And the firm is increasingly branching out to other cities, with a new office in Los Angeles and a succession of projects upcoming in Denver.

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But the way it was structured, Bill and I still had an equal voice, and Jen [Dzienis], who has been a partner for three years.

Though she could have been seriously injured, she walked away from the crash with no broken bones. Then there's the name change that happened a year or two ago: from Works Partnership Architecture to Works Progress Architecture.