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Legendary actress Pam Grier is lending her name to the national event (which now takes place in over 60 cities) for the fifth year in a row, which she told us has a lot to do with her being a cancer survivor.“Knowing what happened when I was ill,” Pam said, “knowing that people were afraid of ‘the C word’ in 1988.

I thought I had more friends and it’s very difficult for family to take time off to help you in your recover and I realized that no matter how much money you have, sometimes it’s the dear closest people to you that can’t be there.

Pamela Suzette Grier, professionally known as Pam Grier came from a black ethnicity American actress and was born in North Carolina in 1949.

She is a daughter and one of four children to her nurse mother Gwendolyn Sylvia and her father Clarence Ransom Grier, Jr., a sergeant in the U. She pursued acting as her career from a very young age although it was only during the 70s that she rose to popularity.

However, her engagement couldn't take another step; which was getting married and the couple called it quits the following year, failing to become husband and wife.

Most of her roles in movies were unique because of the style and appearance she possesses.

For example, we can look at her sultry and bold characters on stage, based on stories of Crime, Drama, and Blaxploitation.