Peerguardian 2 lists not updating

08-Aug-2017 19:14

It is up to you to select that url and insert it yourself.Your other blocklists have to be manually updated by inserting current lists in text form into the Blocklist folder and restarting Transmission.Twiggles,x190 is absolutely correct on this one.In this tutorial I’ll show you how to install the Peer Guardian Linux (pgl) on Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy, 13.04 Raring, 12.04 Precise using ppa repository.

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(i used 6) And also, whenever you finish with however many URLs you use, close Transmission before going to step 9.Nonetheless, it's a regression in KTorrent functionality, as it worked in Quantal. I attach a screenshot of the error message and what the level1file looks like before doing my trick said above.4cee6553bc by Joris Guisson. Not sure what changed, must be a bugfix in kdelibs which fixed it.8eb7a617d2 by Joris Guisson. 4.3.1 was was in January, 4.3.0 was in September...Problem Type: Bug Distro Release: Ubuntu 13.04 Package: ktorrent 4.3.1-1 Proc Version Signdules: fglrx wl Apport Version: 2.9.2-0ubuntu8.1 Architecture: amd64 Date: Thu Aug 1 2013 Installation Date: Installed on 2013-08-01 (1 days ago) Installation Media: Kubuntu 13.04 "Raring Ringtail" - Release amd64 (20130424) Mark For Upload: True Source Package: ktorrent Upgrade Status: No upgrade log present (probably fresh install)at=gz" it successfully downloads the file but does not decompress it. no offense but 4 months for a bug fix release is kind of.... And we're now at 7 months without a 4.3.2 release.Just go at each one SLOWLY and you will be taken care of. On the site, I highly recommend (because i assume this is for torrenting needs only), you use Bluetack's lists (transmission's previous blocklist company before the update) called "level 1" and my personal favorite, TBG's lists (specifically "Primary Threat"). These are the same steps i took and successfully have multiple peer blocker lists. Transmission will always make this file the generic URL updated file) You don't want that unless you plan on just having one blocklist. click and drag the blocklist out of the folder and onto your desktop! Rinse and repeat for the other blocklist URLs you wish to use from the site.