Php application for inserting updating and deleting record

31-May-2017 11:49

Remember that this user will be running with the same permissions as the Web server.

In our examples, the Web server will be running as the user [[email protected] bin]$ psql test Welcome to the POSTGRESQL interactive sql monitor: Please read the file COPYRIGHT for copyright terms of POSTGRESQL [Postgre SQL 6.5.3 on i586-pc-linux-gnu, compiled by gcc egcs-2.91.66] type \?

The Sql Ce Command is initialized by the SQL statement, the current connection, and the command type (Text or Stored Procedure).

The following function is added to the DBConnection class: The next step is to connect this command with the form.

Initial installation and configuration of the Postgre SQL package is beyond the scope of this chapter.

Please refer to the Postgre SQL Web site ( for installation and configuration documentation.

This can be done by opening Form1 and double-clicking on the "Insert" button.

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From the group box properties change its Name to copy once and paste 3 times.

After successfully inserting the new record, the controls must be cleared for entering a To use the preceding function, it is connected to the Delete button by opening Form1 in design view then double-clicking on the “Delete” button to open the code editor, add the following procedure to Form1 or deleting another record.