Psycology in dating

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So if you're setting the time for an interview, try and be the first or last through the door.3 | People's feet are often an insight into what they're thinking.Although there is no silver bullet when it comes to understanding men there are definite principles that I hope will help you reconsider your approach to the men around you.So here it is, my beginners guide on how to understand men.

If someone gives you an unsatisfactory answer to a question, stay quiet and keep eye contact and they'll usually feel pressured to keep talking and reveal more.

The simple truth is that the biggest threat to a man, evolutionarily speaking, is that he will devote his time to protecting and providing for a child that isn’t his.

The biggest threat to a woman is that her partner will fall in love with someone else and fail to provide for her. What are the characteristics that they are clearly most proud of?

We are misled in our society to think there is only one person out there for us, only one soul mate — only one great love.

The truth is that, out of millions of people, there are far more than one with whom wcan have a wonderful spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual connection.

Explore and encourage the long list of things they want to do, learn and create and all the things they love about life — beyond other people.