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17-Jun-2017 20:49

The Jews have no claim to the land they call Israel. The Palestinians are descendants of the Canaanites and were in Palestine long before the Jews.

The Palestinians have Aboriginal rights to Palestine.

Kirke attended the Rhode Island School of Design, whose campus is adjacent to Brown. She claimed that one woman in the group was 'known to use the N word in conversation in order to be provocative, and if she was ever called on it, she would say "It's just a joke".

Dunham's sister, Grace, attended the Ivy League school. She said Dunham and the women in her circle - whom she referred to as 'wealthy, with parents who are influential in the art world' - were notorious at the time for 'their well-known racism'.'I'd call their strain 'hipster racism', which typically uses sarcasm as a cover, and in the end, it looks a lot like gaslighting--"It's just a joke. I was often in the same room with her, but I never spoke to her, only watched her from far in anxiety and horror.' Clemmons said she 'ran in the same circles' as people like Dunham and 'Girls' star Jemima Kirke while she was attending Brown University in the mid-2000s and that they were notorious for 'their well-known racism'Clemmons explained that she was appalled after Dunham voiced her support of Murray Miller following his accusation of sexual assault by actress Aurora Perrineau.

'Let's hold Lena accountable, and to me that means sacrificing some comfort and a little bit of cash, in this moment,' Clemmons said (Pictured, Konner, left, and Dunham at the Lenny 2nd Anniversary Party in September 2017)'I never thought I would issue a statement publically [sic] supporting someone accused of sexual assault, but I naively believed it was important to share my perspective on my friend's situation as it has transpired over the last few months,' Dunham wrote in a statement on Saturday.'I now understand it was absolutely the wrong time to come forward with such a statement and I am so sorry.'The actress has not yet made any indication that she has changed her mind regarding Miller's innocence.

As the section on Asian American history discussed, numerous acts of discrimination against Chinese immigrants culminated in the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882.

Perhaps the most infamous episode of anti-Asian racism was the unjustified imprisonment of Japanese Americans during World War II -- done solely on the basis of their ethnic ancestry.

Combined with the cultural stereotype of Asian Americans as quiet, weak, and powerless, more and more Asian Americans are victimized, solely on the basis of being an Asian American.

Clemmons referred to actress Aurora Perrineau's accusation of rape by 'Girls' writer Murray Miller in 2012 when she was just 17.

Dunham and Konner originally came to Miller's defense on Friday.

They argued that what the judge was basically saying was that as long as you have no prior criminal record and have a job, you could buy a license to commit murder for ,700.

This verdict and sentence outraged the entire Asian American community in the Detroit area and all around the country. Justice Department to charge the two men with violating Vincent Chin's civil rights.

First, instead of being put on trial for second degree murder (intentionally killing someone but without premeditation), the prosecutor instead negotiated a plea bargain for reduced charges of manslaughter (accidentally killing someone).