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The casting—for the most part—worked although it took some time to believe Union would actually give Ferrara the time of day, let alone want to marry him.Ealy and Henson served up the best chemistry—the sexy actor even licks chocolate from Henson's leg in one scene.He spends every Sunday night with his mother (Jenifer Lewis), who has kept his room exactly as it was when he was a child and does his laundry for him.When he meets Candace (Regina Hall), a single mother, he's torn between determining who the number-one woman in his life should be.Henson and Regina Hall, who boil down to examples from Harvey’s tome.The one night stand reformer, the controlling wife, the woman looking for commitment, the career woman and the single mom face off with their male stereotypical counterparts including the ladies’ man, the unhappy husband, the non-committer, the dreamer and the mama’s boy, respectively.Henson), "the woman who is her own man," a successful businesswoman who thinks Harvey's book is a bunch of hooey. Jeremy (Jerry Ferrara) is "the man who won't commit." He's been dating Kristen (Gabrielle Union) since college, and she complains to her female friends that their apartment looks like a frat house.He thinks she really likes video games and science fiction and action figures; she only likes them to make him happy.

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’ and eventually realize the girls are working from the same playbook.

Purchasing “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man” for themselves, the men turn the tables on the women and hi-jinks ensue. But if you strip away the idea that all women aren’t looking for relationships or traditional family structures — sorry Gloria Steinem — then is a fun watch.

From Hart’s timely jokes about his size and fighting with his ex-wife to Malco’s consistent digs on all of his friends, the film’s got great comedic flow.

Conveniently, each one finds a man who perfectly fits within the parameters of the various types of men that Harvey believes there are.

There are six, apparently, so we have a group of six friends.

The end credits of Think Like a Man assure us that the movie is indeed based on Steve Harvey's book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.