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This Newborn Hammock with your little one will have you all heart eyes!Sources Christine Naomi Photography Courtney Leigh Photography Jami West Photography Jean Smith Photography Melissa Taylor Photography Kelsy Nielson Photography – Capture the love between the new parents in your pictures!Simply lay out a blanket and gently place a baby on their stomach for a sweet picture!These fuzzy fur mats will make a perfect prop for a tummy pose.At one point Ana goes to a bar with a friend (against Christian’s wishes) and when we cut to them leaving, the friend is in the middle of this sentence: “And you know me — I hate jellyfish.” Really painted a picture. There was plenty of high-definition close-up camera work and I will not be eating ice cream for at least a few days. Best love scene: Anastasia awakens during the night after a nightmare about the Chateau Versailles. Christian then goes to the kitchen and opens the refrigerator when he hears her behind him. Later in the movie, Ana runs to the bathroom to vomit. Sources Chelsea Lee Photography Jean Smith Photography} Christine Naomi Photography} Chelsea Lee Photography Leah Naomi Kelsy Nielson Photography Sami Jo Photography Jean Smith Photography – In general, newborns love to be swaddled!Wrap up your baby “snug as a bug” in a muslin blanket and snap some beautiful photos!

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We absolutely ADORE the precious sibling poses above!

We love these photos of couples kissing while holding their precious bundle of joy!