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The drink, the drugs, the trashed hotel rooms‚ he has almost every imaginable rock star badge of honour.In fact, before he walked out, the apparent success of his 23-year marriage was just about his only concession to growing up.The spokesman said: “He met her in a dodgy escort bar at four in the morning when he was boozed out of his mind. He’s spiralling out of control and every time he returns to his drinking it’s worse than before. Even his jet-black hair, which he attributes to his gypsy ancestors, is that of a much younger man.He’s not even clear-headed enough to check himself into rehab. In addition to the rented castle, complete with gargoyles, which he shared with Ivanova, Wood has an estate in County Kildare, Ireland, where he breeds racehorses.The first time he emerged from rehab fellow Stone Keith Richards sent him a fax bearing the scrawled message: “Rehab is for quitters.” Wood said at the time that he had been told he was only six months from death.Eventually, however, there was the tacit admission that he enjoyed the booze and socialising too much to give them up, despite the loss over the years of his drinking buddies Hendrix, comedian Peter Cook and actor John Belushi. He grew up on an estate near Heathrow and watched his father drinking, partying and playing the piano at the Nag’s Head pub every night.In Ireland he won the Small Breeder of the Year award in 1998 and is proud of the success of his horse Sandy-mount Earl, named after his estate.

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In 1980, Ronnie and Jo were arrested on the Caribbean island of St Maarten, charged with possession of 200g of cocaine and jailed for five days.

His wife Jo was regarded as a calming influence who persuaded him to do the things that most of us take for granted, such as eating regular meals.