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From east of Clarksville on Hwy 82, take FM 1159 15.0 miles to its junction with Collier Creek east of Acworth.

The cemetery appears to be situated on the Patsey Kitchens survey and the cemetery is directly on the creek to the southeast of this junction. This cemetery was surveyed by Lawrence and Sue Dale on .

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This cemetery stands out for its cleanliness and for the future planned controlled expansion of its facilities.

This work was completed on after a hard five days.

The oldest surviving marked grave is that of Jesse Sutton Ingram who died on .

The work on this cemetery was started on by Lawrence and Sue Dale.

GPS COORDINATES: Datum WGS84: 33 Deg 33.305N, 95 Deg 02.952W. This new information was then added into the existing records by Lawrence and Sue Dale.