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Protective clothing, gloves, and goggles should be used when handling MS-222 powder.Gloves should be worn while handling animals that have been exposed to MS-222.Ideally, the animal will be repeatedly reassessed until the time of the scheduled procedure.

To minimize risk to the animal, the procedure should be carried out as quickly as possible; here, Dennis and Stacey examine tissue and mucus samples obtained during the procedure. MS-222 is the only FDA-approved anesthetic for fish.Oftentimes, exposure to MS-222 will itself induce a stress response; therefore, the first (and, arguably, most important) step is to determine that its use in a particular procedure is justifiable (i.e., that the procedure could otherwise inflict undue pain upon the animal is characterized by incapacitation and a total loss of reactivity to stimuli.There remains some disagreement as to what, if anything, constitutes pain in fishes; generally speaking, pain is here characterized as a pronounced behavioral response (e.g., thrashing or increased opercular movement) and/or physiological response (e.g., altered corticosteroid/catecholamine, lactic acid, or plasma glucose levels) to some injurious/irritating stimulus acting upon the body.Instruments to be used on the animal should be sterilized and readied.

Two baths are drawn (one designated to serve as an anesthetic bath and the other as a recovery bath); water in each container is circulated by way of an air diffuser or some similar device.Yet, being that they are not always readily apparent or immediately manifested, these adverse effects are all too often not ascribed to the events (e.g., wrongful handling) that caused them.A truly capable (and indeed conscientious) aquarist can not only take the steps necessary to provide relief to a distressed animal, but can-and should-be able to prevent stressful events from occurring in the first place.If, at any point in the procedure, the animal appears to cease respiring, it must be immediately placed in the recovery bath until it has returned to the target level of sedation.