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Posting under the name, “Sexy Sue Smith17” is just asking for trouble.

Try to use a non-provocative Nickname like “Blue Bear.” Profiles Some online discussion areas allow you to include a profile, a little extra information about yourself.

Common sense and caution should always prevail but, there are some slight differences to the way chat rooms and Internet Relay Chat (IRC) operate.

:: IM) to send and receive messages and/or files and images, is very similar to using e-mail or SMS messaging and some of the same safety rules apply.

Avatars These are small images/icons included on some Forums whenever you post, to represent you. Never use your actual photograph (or anyone else’s) for your Avatar, don’t use a vulgar image and don’t take images from anywhere online that you do not have permission to use because that could be a breach of someone else’s copyright.

Signatures Many online discussion participants use a custom signature.

You should always follow the basic rules for online safety and Netiquette (online etiquette).

It can be very difficult to get a post removed from a Newsgroup or Forum so be careful what you write.

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You cell (mobile) phone can be a direct link between you and spammers, scammers, identity thieves, online predators and cyberbullies.It is vital that you run up-to-date antivirus software and that you regularly apply security patches to your computer.You should also install either a software or hardware (or both) firewall to add extra protection for you computer.There are several different types of electronic message centres.

Each type operates slightly differently but they are all areas where you can post messages for others to read and/or respond to: Used wisely, online discussions can be great fun as well as interesting and educational.You should never take pictures of anyone, with your phone, without their permission.Some people simply do not like having their photograph taken and it is a question of manners to ask permission first.You should never give anyone else's number out without asking them if it is OK first because you never know what they are going to use it for once they have it.

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