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Once you've gone through the pros and cons and you're sure your co-worker is interested in you too, work up the courage to ask.

After repeatedly hearing the same pros and cons , I decided to compile a list of tips.

What you're missing: Imagine you're a witch and your coven is awaiting delivery of a sacrificial goat, only instead of a goat it's a cocky young man, and instead of ritualistic chanting there is lightly saucy badinage.

You decide whether you fancy the man based on his skills - doing the funky worm, flexing his muscles, taking his shirt off - while he decides whether he fancies you based on your ability to keep upright on your skyscraper heels under the weight of hairspray and false eyelashes.

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It’s like the game clue but someone got fingered instead of murdered.

The 2000s were truly the heyday of over-the-top dating shows, but few could compete with the heavily tattooed, tequila-swilling, fight-prone cast of ' Rock of Love.' The show, which ran for three seasons between 20, followed Poison frontman Bret Michaels as he searched for love, one exotic dancer at a time.

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