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26-Jan-2017 05:36

Since the store is just 5 min away from my place I visit regularly and don't want to leave a bad impression there. Having worked retail as a female, being asked out is one of the most annoying things that can happen to a person, it can go as far as making her feel unsafe.

She's working, and since she's working as a cashier, her job description doesn't involve being picked up by random guys.

I think OP should probably take advice from local friends and ask what's expected there.

This might be a Western European city, or an 'East' German village, who knows.

Make sure everything is paid for, and walk away immediately after giving her that card. For me, this was the least offensive way someone ever 'shopped' for me, because due to professionalism I could just ignore it.

But if she's more sensitive, even this will upset her, freak her out and make her uncomfortable every time she has to help you again.

I mean there are always like 5 people before and after me, and I think it would be awkward if we are changing numbers while customers are waiting behind us.

Or even worse if I read the signs wrong and she rejects me?

It puts the ball in her court, but at the same time provides some asynchronous communication so that she doesn't have to react if she doesn't want to (which is why I said 'don't ask').

I hope you have the common sense to not stalk her, to find out where she lives or what she does in her free time just to find a loophole and ask her there.

There's a strong bias against guys bothering random girls in shops with requests for dates (speaking from experience).

There's a lot of bickering over culture here: I'm from the Netherlands, female, currently 26 years old.

I have spent about 8 years working retail and training other boys and girls to work retail ( cashiering). I spent time on holidays (and shopping) in Germany, I am familiar with how retail in Germany, in large cities, works.I would even say that depending on the size and style of the shop (i.e.the expected level of anonymity and dehumanization :-) ) it is probably culturally accepted that if the person in front of you is engaging in conversation with the cashier, you politely wait.Where I live now, in Central European rural areas that latter point is the predominant norm.

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