Sexchatchating against dad dating daughter

03-Jun-2017 13:20


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We would spend all our time dealing with surprises. To be an adult is to achieve the exquisite boredom of constrained possibility. I'm particularly glad to get your letter because I've been thinking lately about the ways that relationships on the Internet differ from face-to-face relationships, and the ways in which they are the same. Or is it the Jimmy Carter sin, the adultery in your heart, that's important?

I've been interested in when a relationship on the Web becomes an act of infidelity. If so, wouldn't all masturbation be infidelity? So the involvement of another person brings the potential for disclosure. Your main concern is that you haven't gotten over this thing yet.


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He and I are just as strong a couple, if not more so, now. he denied it at first till he came home and then he pretty much admited to doing it and didnt see it as cheating but when he understood that i did see it as cheating he stopped, its best they understand how you feel about something and make sure you express your feelings, guys are dumb at times and only think with their junk instead of their heart.

He did change his email password following the convo but promised not to do it anymore.

Although I trust hi to some extent you know I creeped his phone and set up his email to be sent to my I phone.

He told many lies as I forced him to discuss it with me over a year.

Some of the lies I can understand in that he knew they would hurt.

I check it from tine to time and have never found anything again.