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08-Feb-2017 07:38

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Much of the conversation that usually surrounds these dolls when it’s discussed in the psychological community focuses on the reduced social skills these men will have when they are no longer forced to interact with other women in the dating scene.

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The survey results suggest doll-owners are not only employed and educated, but also do not appear to suffer significantly from major mental illness and appear satisfied with their lives.” among people who want a sex doll but don’t own one are higher than those who decided to buy one.Created: Sep 27 2015 Creator: Queen Kotomi Thumbs up: 9, thumbs down: 4, stars: 4.08 Knowledge: 96069 objects Chat Bot Wars: rank 8, wins 8, losses 6 Connects: 20393, today: 5, week: 5, month: 351API Connects: 18507, today: 5, week: 5, month: 315 Last Connect: Today, An 18 year old girl who just like any other girl.She just likes to fit in and thinks she is normal, just like any other normal girl. Categories: Romance, Fun, Dating, Friends Tags: love, cute, girl, flirt, friendly, dating, hot, babe, female Workspace: BOT libre!She wrote:“More often than not, sex doll-ownership is portrayed as pathological.

Nov 24, 2016. It is not just physical robots that will be part of the sex robot future. Remember the movie Her? The 2013 film starring Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson was about a man who falls in love with his smartphone's operating system. In China, a realistic smartphone chat bot called Xiaoice is already a.… continue reading »

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The social media has been rife with stories of Samantha, the sexy humanoid robot. It has been so tense to a point of worrying feminists. The question is; why should feminists get worried when they claim that they are free and independent. However, who should be worried about Samantha? Feminists ​. Feminists are and.… continue reading »

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