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03-Apr-2017 16:48

Domestic violence also isn’t contained to the two people in the romantic relationship; often, it takes place in the context of a family where there are also children in the home.

“We do know that growing up in a violent home does impact the health of children from a very early age — even, actually, in the womb,” James said.“The research is really illuminating,” Lisa James, the director of health issues at Futures Without Violence, told Think Progress.“Now, we’re understanding more and more that if you experience domestic violence, you’re at a higher risk for some of the largest health problems that our country is facing today — including heart disease, chronic pain, asthma, and arthritis.” Victims of intimate partner violence typically face high levels of stress, which can exacerbate any chronic health conditions they may have already had.About 20 percent of teen respondents reported psychological violence only, 9 percent reported physical and psychological violence, and 2 percent reported physical violence alone.

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In young adulthood, females who had experienced teen dating violence reported increased depression symptoms and were 1.5 times more likely to binge drink or smoke and twice as likely to have suicidal thoughts.

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