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The Rubies fused in an attempt to attack the Gems, but were almost instantly dispatched when Sardonyx knocked them out the airlock, opened by Steven.Before flying away, Eyeball pulls Steven out the airlock with her into the vacuum of space.They are then told that they can only search the barn if they beat the 'humans' at baseball.After learning the 'humans' were, in fact, the Crystal Gems, Eyeball, along with the other members of her squad, fuse together and demand to know where Jasper is.She seems to be insecure about her relationships, as shown when Ruby and Sapphire were talking to each other in Hit The Diamond.As they chatted, Eyeball watched them with a sad look on her face.She and the other Ruby troops were sent to Earth by Yellow Diamond to locate Jasper.

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Humorously, she also suspected Leggy, watching her when she was cheerfully standing next to Lapis Lazuli.

Even over her own captain, she is the most experienced in Gem history, the only one to remember the location of the diamond base on the moon and explaining the history of the moon base and Pink Diamond.

The timing of mantle and crustal events in South Namibia, as defined by SHRIMP-dating of zircon domains from a garnet peridotite xenolith of the Gibeon Kimberlite.… continue reading »

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Detrital zircons dating of Sangun-Renge Belt, southwest Japan 9 Table 1. SHRIMP U–Pb data and calculated ages. Labels 204 Pb/ 206 Pb 207 Pb/ 206 Pb 238… continue reading »

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SHRIMP dating ofzircons from the Caledonian Xiong­ dian eclogite, western Dabie Mountains, China JIAN Ping1, L1U Dunyi 1, YANG Weiran 2 & I. S. Williams3… continue reading »

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Dominantly south-dipping, regional metamorphic fabrics in the Quha gneiss and older granitoid orthogneisses such as the Mzumbe Suite. Intruded into these older… continue reading »

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The sensitive high-resolution ion microprobe also sensitive high mass-resolution ion microprobe or SHRIMP. In typical U-Pb zircon analysis.… continue reading »

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