Sirius satellite radio updating channels

21-Nov-2017 23:20

MB service wants me also to bring it in for a diagnostic.I would really appreciate hearing what fixed your problem. [email protected] Older Mercedes installed radios can only receive 140 channels so when more than 140 channels are pushed to the radio, it goes into a acquiring signal mode.It must be Sirius but call them and they have no clue. The dealer installed new Sirius receiver, and a new RAK radio and the problem still exists. My drive to work is only 5 miles, and when I came out at lunch it worked, but the problem was exactly as you described it.

MB service does not seem to have a clue and wants me to bring it in for a diagnostic. [FONT=Arial Black][B][B]I also have a 09 C300 with the exact same problem.

We have seen satellite radios last anywhere from 7 years to a few months after the warranty runs out. Things that can shorten the lifespan of a radio include moving it in and out of your vehicles and docks, vibrations, dirt/dust, long-term use, and more.

If your radio has finally stopped working, check the standalone options we offer.

"My Satellite problem has been fixed by Sirius, probably permanently.

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They do it by putting your SDARS unit's EIN into a "protected tier" in their computer system so that when they tell their system to send all the channels for free, our radios do not accept more than the total number of channels which our head units were designed to hold which causes them lock up." Read more: "Sirius XM has established a process where they add the ESN of the affected vehicle to a "protected tier" they have established for these MB vehicles in their system.the best is when i called them they tried to have me extend my service past the 1 year free.... I think it has something to do with the signal and not the radio.i told them my radio doesnt waork and you want me to extend.... You can even customize your favorite music and comedy channels and listen to shows on demand.