Sophos updating policy schedule

15-Aug-2017 06:56

In this post we describe the configuration of a Kerio Control appliance for use with 3CX Phone System. This configuration is based on version 8.3.0 build 1988. The initial inbound stream causes the firewall to block data from and to the 3CX Phone System media server (RTP ip:port) for all connections, not even allowing the internal phones to send data to the 3CX Phone System. Therefore, NAT rules must be configured for each IP Phone. The DHCP server assigns clients IP addresses within a predefined scope for a certain period (lease time). The act of adding a reservation in the automatic mode does not switch to manual mode. Any IP address included in a defined subnet can be reserved. If an IP address is to be kept, the client must request an extension on the period of time before the lease expires.

NOTE You can use Add Use Interface Template, where parameters are already predefined in accordance with the particular firewall's interface.

Using the Remove button you can release the selected IP address and/or cancel IP address reservation on the spot.

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