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Tiffany relaxes for a moment, then gets up and gets dressed.

When Alina Lopez walks in the room, she asks if Tiffany will be massaging her today.

Kristen is pretty confident that she can help her unwind as she begins kissing her neck.

Lily tells her that she's inexperienced and doesn't know what she's doing, but Kristen reminds her that she's a teacher. Kristen takes off Lily's shirt and starts groping her breasts as she slides her tongue inside her mouth.

She asks her where everyone is; Kristen tells her that her guests should be arriving shortly.

When Kristen notices that Lily's shirt is slightly unbuttoned, she compliments her bra as she runs her fingers over her skin.

Lily isn't too sure about this but Kristen insists that everything's fine as she kisses her.

Lily tells her that she's never been with a girl before and is really nervous.

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Each has a favorite toy and neither of them need an instruction manual on how to use it. His eager, young cock is hard as a rock and he slides right into her aching pussy.She starts massaging Alina's shoulders but quickly moves down to her ass and slaps it. When Alina asks her if this is a new technique, Tiffany tells her that it is.When she starts slapping her pussy, Alina is clearly weirded out.When Lily gets to Kristen's house, Kristen greets her and tells her to come in.