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"People from our past often have a unique and appealing perspective on us — and we on them.

But that all changed after she and Jeff talked until they closed down a New Jersey restaurant near their homes.

National monument that contains many native american ruins found on over 35 000 acres of desert land.

In addition the newscast that followed made no mention of the incident at the pageant.

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Irish nachos are a must and you will get a small plate for free with two drinks.

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The video clip raised some debate among journalism critics and editorial boards at several news organizations as to whether the footage should have been broadcast or posted online at all the footage was briefly available on youtube but was removed several times due to copyright takedown notices filed by the international olympic committee .

She accepted his brunch invitation "to see if the spark was there.

There was one place Jeff and Debby always were good partners—on the tennis court.

That can make for a very good match." Meet four couples whose liaisons picked up decades after they left off.

Debby realized that in addition to their camp and college connections, she and Jeff shared "a special bond that comes from the same place." Literally, that's Queens.Choosing a name was a sacred ritual in ancient Russia.The name determines the critical path of personal development, human destiny.The day after Thanksgiving, Janice drove 150 miles to Santa Maria, Calif., to knock on his door.