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I have to say, it wasn’t my first choice, but we loved the venue so much that it didn’t matter.The first time we saw each other was more meaningful than anything I could have dreamed up and I know that would have been the case with a first look or if we had first seen each other when I walked down the aisle.Big SW hugs to Virgil Bunao for sharing and to the ladies of A Charleston Bride for pulling together the details! Our whole wedding really played on the overall theme of Charleston and the South.Since Edwin is from California, about half our guests traveled from out west and had never spent time in the South. I started writing about things that I have found valuable, frustrating or funny as a parent and as a person, and with the encouragement of a few wonderful friends, several months in I turned those topics (not as easy as it sounds) into video. Thank you for watching, listening and sharing with your friends and family. I hope that you love the content and will put in your email to SUBSCRIBE so a new weekly post will come to your email. The tipping point was finally that I realized I was overpaying for diapers by 0 annually and thought- this would be helpful for people to know! My hope is that these little posts can help contribute to that cycle of support for one another, add a little humor, and perhaps make your life a little easier too!We had a lot of fun giving them a taste of the South during our wedding weekend!Everything from our wedding paper to the menus at each of our events was focused around Southern imagery, flavors, florals, and more.

That's why many of a Southern daddy’s dating rules begin with, “If you even THINK about . It was then a blast to dig up our good luck charm and drink straight from the muddy bottle with all our bridesmaids and groomsmen! My mom pulled off so many special surprise details for our wedding, including the embroidery she had done on the inside of my wedding dress, the vintage earrings she gifted me to wear on our wedding day, and the embroidered hanky she gave me before our ceremony started. I absolutely adore every piece of paper we designed for our wedding, from the save the dates to the invitations to the menu cards and everything else in between. We were married on October 28th, and our venue regulated that weddings start at 6pm before Daylight Savings.So, we had to do a first look in order to capture our photos in the light.We finished our wedding photos just in the nick of time and ran inside the house.

As guests arrived, they were escorted into the Legare Waring House, although this was never part of the plan…

Not a great one, not a bad, one, just one who’s trying her best like all of you other Moms out there.

Some of Southern fathers' best—and sweetest—dating advice is all about making his girls confident and secure so they can send those boyfriends packing if they misbehave. Remember who you are. If he looks at another girl while he's out with you, tell him to lose your phone number— and then tell me where to find him.… continue reading »

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Sep 21, 2015. Love is in the air and ant trails can be found on these celebrities' Instagram feeds. We compiled and list the sweetest dating couples we found on Instagram. We can't help but fall in love on their daily posts with the sweetest captions. And every time we check their profiles, we can hear the wedding bells… continue reading »

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