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It eventually died down in several days, but still had nasty dank odor when A/C would kick off.

We run our fan continually to filter the air so we would really notice it when the cool shut off. Has always had slight dusty dirty odor from vents and A/C was smelly when it kicked off, but not as bad as this year.

than carbon monoxide poisoning" -- Actually, our basement is dry with no musty odor and it does'nt have a return.

We have had UV lights above the coil for several years.

I decided to hire an environmental company who believed that the problem could be from the furnace.

They're usually put above the a-coil to deter bacteria on the coil but they kill everything air born as well. Sometimes you'll just get a thin residue of drywall dust, spilled drinks, food, normal dust, rotted mice, spider webs, etc... The fogging should have contained it but, it sounds like it might just be residual bacteria that the fogging didn't contain for whatever reason.