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20-Nov-2017 00:17

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I've seen this happen with people I know quite a bit.

But let's pay some attention to the girls that don't manage to get a guy through whatever means.

I've written a lot about dating from a male perspective, but there are a few phenomena in female behavior that deserve some attention, too.

Let's start with what might be the biggest dating mistake women make. Especially better-looking women are used to having many suitors.

Let's say she is now 27 and has either been single or "single" and seen a few guys here and there.

She's now older and realizes that there aren't so many guys coming on to her anymore, and that she's starting to feel out of place when she's going out. Not having thought ahead when she was younger, she never realized that guys probably won't marry her after just a week or two.

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It takes time to figure out whether you want to live with someone.You're on the hook for two decades of child support, and helping her to fulfill her dream of being a mother and finally having a purpose in life.The socially more acceptable variant of this is that the girl is seeing some guy and in order to solidify the relationship she happens gets pregnant.Either they didn't have much experience with guys, or too much but neglected their personality. Knowing that their eggs will soon dry up, they try to cling on to any guy they meet.

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