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20-Jun-2017 18:26

tivo guide not updating-4

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However, if you keep rebooting the unit, it will eventually begin producing S03 errors when downloading guide data.(This happens between ~30-90 days) - If you try a repeat guided set up, you will get stuck in a loop forever since you will get an S03 message while downloading new guide data.Your existing season passes will have no upcoming episodes.Also, any new recordings for previously existing recordings will go into a duplicate folder next to the old one.Are you holding your unit back at an earlier software version.You may need to let it upgrade or to re-image your unit.(Seems like tivo thinks they are completely different shows) Someone figured out that going to Settings Channel list then hitting enter.You can trigger a garbage collection and guide download index.

Tivo dials in and downloads OK every day, but Guide to date doesn't update on System information screen.I've tried dbgc-mcp -fg-gc and dgbc -fg-index But they are not giving me the desired results.(for example, I cannot search for programs in find programs...) Does anybody know how to properly force Tivo Hd to garbage collect (find and mark rubbish first) then index guide data? You shouldn't need to manually force loading and indexing.This kind of works, however there are several problems with using this method: it's manual, tivo won't record while it takes place, you have to click complete at the end of set up before tivo starts recording, it can take hours.

I looked at logs on Tivo and the normal garbage collection is taking too long and after 24 hours Tivo kills off the process.(I am pretty sure this cause 2 copies of dbgc-mcp to run at the same time, not good...) Not sure how to boot without Tv Launcher I haven't run mfs check & there is no need for clear & delete everything Could you ellaborate on the whole garbage collection & indexing process like what happens during sweep, marking, garbage collect, indexing, etc.Could you explain what each flag for dbgc-mcp does? If tivo hasn't fixed it (evidently) in more than two years, a hack to fix it might not be trivial.(Even though program information to date is now today or past...) A quick fix to temporarily remedy this issue is to reboot the tivo.