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17-Feb-2017 16:04

This has nothing to do with not caring and everything to do with keeping your mouth shut — and potentially saying, “don’t worry, I understand." is an overused word that has become nearly meaningless.

More often than not, you are sorry when you don't feel the least bit apologetic, but you just don’t know what else to say.

All of it can usually be boiled down to buy better clothes, get abs or act cocky.

I’d never say that being cocky, ripped or well-dressed help you attract women, but for men who actually want to learn — not change — such cliché solutions are rarely the answers to their issues.

When I was younger, my father taught me to look a person in the eye when shaking hands and to always give a firm grip.

He taught me this so that whether I later became the President or a plumber, an introvert or extrovert, I’d always have an invaluable communication tool.

Just like knowing how to give someone a true handshake — one that demonstrates you are a strong and confident man — the following are communication rules for you to internalize, and hopefully, they will increase your success with women: Don’t mistake being considerate for being an indecisive pussy.

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He texted her after the first date and they started a fun conversation.Ruth had to leave on a business trip and the thought came to her, "I can stay in touch by texting and telling him what I’m doing while traveling to help us get to know each other."Now, this is a logical line of thinking, but unfortunately, it didn’t hold up.As it turns out, an occasional text was fine with Brian.But, asking bland questions that often receive short, one-word answers doesn't show a girl that you’re “interested” in her. They are simply obstacles around which men must acknowledge and maneuver.