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Such observations have been advanced to "prove" the credibility of carbon-14 dates as indicators of real time, on the one hand, and of tree-ring dates on the other.

Because of the fundamental question concerning the Biblical record that is involved, a thorough examination of tree-ring dating and its applications is in order.

Varying rainfall from year to year results in varying widths of rings.

In certain locales the consequence is clearly defined ring width reflecting distinct variations in climate.

WHEN Willard Libby and his col leagues introduced carbon-14 dating a number of years ago the technique was immediately recognized as a potentially valuable tool for objectively determining the age of carbonaceous archeological specimens.

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The relative merits of these positions have been extensively considered in creationist publications.

The principle used for dating is that: If the same distinctive pattern of ring widths is observed in two wood specimens, those two specimens were contemporary and their similar rings may be correlated one by one, year by year.

The value and application of this principle is illustrated on page 37.

Complacent specimens are not suitable for use in tree-ring dating because there is no way to be sure which rings in one specimen match with specific rings in another. A variety of factors combine to make these trees long-lived.

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The trees are not large but some of them do exhibit thousands of growth rings.

The living tree when cut is found to have a distinctive pattern that overlaps (correlates) with part of the distinctive pattern found in a beam in a house (application of second principle).